An overview of our Home Lifts

At Utility Elevators all our Residential products have been sourced and designed with the unique requirements of the residential industry in mind.

Home Lifts

By using only top quality products and the latest in elevator technology Utility Elevators can assure a quiet, safe and reliable ride. With our large range of customisable home lifts and components we are confident we can supply and install the product required for any buildings needs.

By removing the need for a motor room and with smaller shaft size requirements our home lifts can be suited to any home environment. With a large range of customisable finishes and components our design team can assist in the perfect design to suit our customers tastes.

All our home lifts are designed, manufactured and tested to ensure all quality and safety requirements of the S.A.N.S. (South African National Standards) are met.

    Uncompromised Quality

    At Utility Elevators all our elevators are designed and manufactured using only top quality products. We test and inspect all components to ensure that only a top quality elevator is installed, insuring better ride quality, longer life and eliminating unecessary breakdowns.

    Energy Effieciency

    Using only the latest in microprocessor technology and energy saving VVVF (Variable Voltage Variable Frequency) drives, as well as permanent magnet gearless motors, our lifting products are highly efficient. This reduces energy consumption, and in replacing older equipment can save up to 30% in energy bills.


    All of our home lifts come in a wide range of designs with a large selection of interiors and components. With the help of our design team we are confident that we are able to assist our clients in choosing or designing the perfect product for their unique needs. Download our interiors brochure for look at our selection.

    Technologically Advanced

    By using the latest technology available Utility Elevators ensures our lifts supply a safer, smoother and more efficient ride. With our microprocessor controls self diagnostic mode we can assure a faster commissioning time and reduce fault finding procedures. Our permanent magnet gearless motor and VVVF drive control assist in a much smoother ride as well as reduces the maintenance required.

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