Products for our Disabled Customers

At Utility Elevators we realise that our disabled customer have very specific needs and we have chosen our supplier due to their quality and safety. We are a distributor of one of europes leading disabled access suppliers Terry Lifts.

Our Range for Disabled Customers

Through the floor liftsMore

As space is always limited we have employed an ingenious car design and integral ramp so that the Harmony wheelchair lift is only fractionally larger on the outside than it is on the inside.

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Home ElevatorsMore

Safe, reliable and with a wide range of designs, Utility Elevators range of home elevators have been chosen with the customers home in mind. We have chosen our range to provide only the most energy efficient, space saving and visually pleasing products.

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Domestic Platform LiftsMore

A cost effective solution for disabled access, this internal vertical platform is suitable for attended wheelchair or multiple persons. All the machinery is enclosed within the lift structure meaning there is no requirement for machine rooms.

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Wheelchair LiftsMore

Designed to aid our disabled and elderly customers, our wheelchair lifts have been specifically chosen for their design and safety. Due to their sturdy design and quality components, they can be fitted for use in most situations where assistance is required for a short raised distance such as stairs, or where a ramp is not convinient.

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Chosen for their safety, reliabiliy and quality components our stairlifts can be installed on most staircases where sturdy mounting is available. Designed for the comfort and safety of our disabled customers reliability comes as standard.

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